Strong to the Finish!

"PPS", the Polarized Protection System, is the only patented system available today and the only system that chemically fuses a durable Teflon® shield to the original factory finish. And it's the only system to qualify for US patent registration.

More than an add-on-coating, PPS actually adds strength to the finished surface, to seal out pollutants and keep your car looking "Showroom New" -guaranteed!

Protects your car against

  • Fading
  • Oxidation
  • Weather Deterioration
  • Acid Rain

Can you keep your beautiful car looking "Showroom New: year after year ?

Traditional automotive finishes aren't made for the harsh realities of today's driving conditions. By the time you get your new car home, environmental acids and oxidants are already at work breaking down that glossy finish. In no time, the sheen is gone and your car looks old long before its time!

Paint is not protection !

Today's clear-coat technology gives you a great looking finish, but it is not as tough as old enamels and any damage to it requires a complete repaint! (That's why new cars are shipped from the factory under wraps!) You can polish and wax to restore the surface luster, but that's a temporary solution at best. Waxes break down easily under sunlight and detergents, and leave your car exposed to the elements. In fact, like clear-coats, waxes can actually absorb harmful chemicals and trap them on the finished surfaces. For strong protection that really lasts, you have to look deeper!

Patented Two - Step PPS Process


The preparation step chemically purges the pores and "polarizes" the surface, leaving a positive charge on the finish.


Negatively-charged Teflon® resins are applied to the positively-charged surface; the polarized surfaced are fused together forming a crosslinked chemical bond.