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On average, a typical detail takes between 3-4 hours to complete. However the condition of the vehicle and your expecations play a big role in determining the overall time needed to complete the job.
Although it is possible to get your car detailed on short notice, it is recommended that appointments be made 2-3 days in advance.

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Some customers appreciate the beauty & comfort of very clean vehicle.

If your vehicle remains outdoor most of the time, environmental exposure can dramatically shorten the life of its interior and exterior components. In order to protect and extend the life of materials such as paint, rubber, plastics and upholstery, your vehicle should detailed 2-3 times per year. Together, we can design a detail that will specifically address your car's needs.

If your car is regularly garaged and shows no signs of premature aging or wear, it should be detailed 1-2 times per year. Thorough cleaning, conditioning and waxing willl ensure its beauty and extend its life.

In the end, it really depends upon what your expectations are and what you are willing to invest into the beautification and protection of your car.

Unless you purchased an overly-expensive, dealer-applied paint protection program, you should at the minimum have your vehicle thoroughly inspected by me. I'm up to speed on all the latest & greatest waxes, protectants and surface coatings. You can't imagine the quality discrepancy (and price is not always an indicator of quality).

A thorough assessment of all vehicle surfaces will be made prior to making a solid recommendation.

Yes, within Thane city limits. We offer pickup facility, but delivery will be of your own because according to me, customer is the best judge of his vehicle, so if anything leftout from our end will be justified & rectified immediately.
Ceramic coating is transformation of your car colour into glass. Your car paint will perform like a glass property. Bird dropping, tree sapling, industrial dust, etc. will not be able to hold on it. Vehicle Lustre will remain same for atleast a year.

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