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14) Shirish 
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 16:42 Host: Write a comment

Dear Maxshine team

I am getting used to your perfect job ..!!

The good part of giving you instructions is that no instructions are needed. Keep on doing your work ... People who appreciate detailing ..mainly understand detailing will definitely understand your skill

Bad thing of giving the car to you is that one will not like majority of the detailers in the market post your work ..!!

Mangesh S.Kalzunkar Wednesday, 30 September 2015 17:14
Payment Received Shirish....a small token of appreciation had kept Team Maxshine live for somany years...thanks a ton Shirish..

Team MaxShine.. smile
13) Sanyog Deshpande 
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015 10:58 IP: Write a comment

Wow Mangesh! What a confidence. big grin.

I am sure wise people will take a note of my feedback and will be cautioned. I have did my job of providing a candid feedback but, you as a vendor are stilol not able to digest the feedback and have been very rude on your call to me post feedback.

I am sure you will erase my feedback as it will make a differnence. Trust me! cool
12) Mangesh S.Kalzunkar 
MaxShine Detailing Services
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Friday, 28 August 2015 13:41 Host: Write a comment

Dear Customer`s,
Since 2008 we are offering this detailing services, uptil now may be Mr.Sanyog Deshpande is the first person to say negative about me & our services.Felt very bad but our humble request to everyone who go through this testimonial should also refer previous testimonials and decide whom to blame.We also request you all to call me to check how abusive or unproffessional we are. Mr Sanyog in his first feedback gives 4 outof 5 rating for services & immediately advice others not to visit MaxShine for his bad experience. No worries we have purpously not deleted Mr Sanyog`s feedback because we know we have not done anything wrong the concern was 200Rs extra was charged to Mr.Sanyog and his feedback changed from + to -ve.


Mangesh S.Kalzunkar
MaxShine Detailing Services
11) Sanyog Deshpande 
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 16:58 IP: Write a comment

To whom so ever concerned:

This vendor for car detailing is highly not recommended. After i have provided my candid feedback to venodr Mangesh called me and told me that its not his responsibility to give a quote and i should have asked him for a quote. He also, mentioned that people who think on saving money should only go to 3M car detailing service and check how much they charge. He spoke to me in total abusive language and in a very rude tone. I dont think any services guy would do that to any customer for any descrepancies. eek!

He also said that he would ask for any amount and customer has to pay it without asking for the details. lol
I recommnd to keep away for such a vendor who cannot even speak professionaly with customer. Also, i take back my workds of appreciations from pervious feedback. cool

Be aware guys!
10) Sanyog Deshpande 
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Monday, 24 August 2015 10:40 IP: Write a comment

To whom so ever concerned,

I did my car detailing work from MAXSHINE and following is my feedback.
Quality of work on scale of 1 is to 5 is 4. (1 being lowest). I think if i would have been told in advance on the charges being considered it would have been better. My car was already in a good condition from inside specially the carper still i was asked to pay 4.5K which was very high looking at the initial condition of car. The team did a good work but, i was charged high.

Mangesh S.Kalzunkar Tuesday, 25 August 2015 16:48
Dear Customer,
The discussion on phone was Mr.Sanyog who doesnt use his civic & which was not driven for last 5-6 months,on this discussion i asked Sanyog that we charge 4000Rs but in your case wud be bit extra after seeing the car. For that extra efforts we charged 500Rs extra in which Mr.Sanyog paid 300Rs less which he didnt mention in the feedback which means his concern was only for Rs200,wherein Mr.Sanyog was willing to carry out this service in 3M Car Care where this same service cost him not less than 6500Rs . Just for the imformation the car which he says in good condition was never ever done any grooming service done for several years,was pale yellow in colour & it took us 6hrs where in normal condition it take 4hrs to finish the same job.It was my mistake that Rs 200 extra will hit me such kind of feedback after taking the extra efforts.
9) Lijo Joseph 
Kalyan (West)
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Sunday, 5 July 2015 23:42 IP: Write a comment

Max Shine – true to the words in every sense – maximum shine in service with expertise and humane approach, to identify and eliminate problems in a systematic and proficient manner. A great place to service your car and bike, a great team you can trust your vehicle with and a wonderful set of professionals who become your friend and confidante almost immediately on your first meeting / service appointment.

Way to go Mangesh... may you and your team continue to bring more smiles to your friends and customer... smile
8) Mangesh Waradkar 
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Saturday, 20 June 2015 12:22 Host: Write a comment

Everybody likes to get pampered . Yes even your car too… and if it is by Mangesh & his team, the experience lasts longer.
Service that values your money. This is the Mantra, they breath throughout their work and final output assures you about it.
What makes MaxShine different from other car detailers ???…. Passion. Otherwise who will spend at around 45 minutes of productive time for one wheel.. yes one wheel.
Truly, in the first meeting (or first call should I say) you start getting those positive vibe from Mangesh. And you get assured that your car is in perfect hands. He is humble modest experienced person and he has got team of well trained detailers.
One car at a time, makes their team available for your car with complete focus. No other business… strictly……Only genuine products like 3M or Meguiar are used at all the levels. No fancy names for the services, they offer. Only plain English.
If you want to witness grooming of your car, they have got small but good lounge to sit/work/relax. Take a round at the facility and you find good housekeeping habits. So if you are first time visitor at MaxShine, I would advise you to be there to see tremendous efforts required to transform your car.
I am Happy and satisfied customer. I thanks Mangesh and his MaxShine team for the detailing services.

Mangesh S.Kalzunkar Saturday, 20 June 2015 17:50
Thankyou Mr.Mangesh.
7) Sanjeev Ghosh 
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Thursday, 18 June 2015 19:15 Host: Write a comment

Hi Mangesh,
Thank you very much for the service provided. The very first time i spoke to you over the phone had me convinced that I am dealing with a man who is passionate towards his work and is not just doing business. Mine is a new car so I can't really say that my car transformed totally, but I am very satisfied with the final outcome. Great work. Keep it up. Looking forward to the next detailing session. Thank you once again.
6) Nitin Agrawal 
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Saturday, 30 May 2015 12:46 Host: Write a comment

Hi Mangesh,

Just want to thank you & your team for the exceptional efforts put on my car & restoring its showroom look.

Completely worth every penny invested..

Thanks once again & will be back for sure..

Big thumb'sup to you & your team will definitely recommend it to all my friends..


Mangesh S.Kalzunkar Sunday, 31 May 2015 13:04
Our actual payment is your valuable feedback,a big thankyou from me & my Team.Happy to serve you in future.

Team MaxShine.
5) Dr Harshad R Purandare, Neurosurgeon, Jupiter Hosp 
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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 15:25 Host: Write a comment

Six months down the line and my new Rio Red Skoda Octavia was a pale shadow of itself. A few road trips and callous half hearted washing by our security guard (as we all do) made it look like a 'rotten tomato red' shade.
I visited a few 'branded' car detailers but the first thing thrown to me was a 'package for new cars'. There was no heart in that.
Finally my car dealer adviced me to meet Mangesh at Maxshine. Spoke to him on Saturday afternoon and Sunday 8:30 AM, he and his team were at the workshop, waiting for me. In half a day my car was back to its 'new born' look. The quality of work and professionalism displayed by his team is a way beyond what we usually see elsewhere. A shiny clean and glowing car is a testimonial to that. You can immediately realize that this is not Mangesh's job....its his passion. That's why you get genuine advice from him. He adviced me to get my car checked every 6 monthly but I would definitely go back without batting an eyelid even before that if I feel that my car needs it.
Only one car at a time.....where would you get such personalized attention??....And considering the packages offered at other car care centers and the many mall car washes, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised with the bill that came up. Again guided by their approach that car care should be affordable for everybody.
The chequered flag to team Maxshine from me !!!